Main concern I usually have is how the product feels. The goal is make the user’s interaction as efficient and simple as possible, same time keeping user engaged and interested. It’s a huge challenge every time to look at design from the mindspace of a user and solve potential problems.

A usable design that doesn’t sell is not a good design.
— Kristofer Ost

What I actually do: 

  • Writing various product user scenarios and building patterns of interaction.
  • Prototyping an interface and creating the products logic via wireframes.
  • Resorting to various kinds of testing and watching what users do.
  • Ensure quality and implementation.

Before starting to design it’s important to investigate and review all the information about the problem I’m trying to sole. Research is an essential part of designer work same as the balance between the business and the user needs. By doing so, you avoid future rework and will move faster, delivering more assertive solutions.

Usability is not a professional competitive edge, so we must consider the marketability of their work as well.

Understand what are your business goals and how you will measure that.
Tomas Jundo